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Liselot Ramirez

Taking the programming side of Human-Computer Interaction

I have been interested in making great interfaces with good usability from a very young age, I just didn't knew the exact name for it. I started coding with ActionScript in Flash, then Javascript's JSX in AfterEffects. From 2011 I went full into Front-End, doing interactive web ads, data visualizations, and finally transitioned into mobile apps and progressive web apps. I did my masters in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and got the chance to do user studies and mixed reality projects. On my free time, I like to tinker electronics and push the boundaries of what I can do with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis. My latest fun has been modding a Chrome tablet with Crostini... so yes I can code from a Linux tablet now!


I work with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. My skills shine in React and Vue, but I like to play with Angular as well.


I study the needs of users, then craft the UI/UX prototypes by hand, then in Sketch, Figma or AdobeXD. Finally, I do A/B tests until a nice interface is done.


Most people use their phones or tablets to access sites, so I love to develop with React Native or their device's native OS.

Mixed Reality

I've used ViroReact for quick prototyping for mobile MR, but I've worked mostly with Blender, Unity and Microsoft's Hololens.


Most of my work as a developer is under NDAs. However, I have collaborated to the backbone of many projects throughout the years, from design to motion graphics to software architecture.

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//How I Work

How I Work

My Working Process

I'm a haptic person, and I love to prototype in paper and in other media first, if I have the chance to work directly with users. In case that's not possible, I can make shareable digital prototypes and conduct user studies before settling for a final design. After all, the end-user is the one who should enjoy my work.

  • Discuss the project

    Know business goals and end-users

    There is a sweet spot for good UI/UX: when the business goals meet the needs of end-users. For this, I try to make clear with the team of managers, marketers, designers, and developers what are the main goals for this new interface, and what gain we should get from it. Then, I do the same with a group of end-users, asking them what's their previous experience and what they would like to have in a new interface that can help them solve their tasks.

  • Develop & elaborate

    Let's get to it!

    Once the final design is ready, I usually work on the first working version of the project. I pay attention to any feedback from stakeholders and users, to improve the interface we just created.

  • Final remarks

    Always at your service

    Once the project is done, I am available for any future maintenance. I try to document all my work and leave a wiki behind, in case the team decides to move on their own. I am always happy to help!


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